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Littleton Dental News

Teeth Whitening: What Works

Our Littleton Family Dentist Presents Straight Talk About Whiter Teeth There are so many inaccuracies about tooth whitening out there that patients are often confused about how to fix dull or stained teeth. Questionable home remedies pop up on the internet and glitzy new products…

Root Scaling To Treat Gum Disease

The Journal of the American Dental Association conducted a study and found that scaling and root planing procedures performed by dental professionals, like Dr. Froning at Colorado Dental Arts, are good for patients with chronic gum disease. Such severe gum disease, also known as periodontitis,…

Save Money, Save Teeth

For the healthiest smile, it’s a good idea to visit our Littleton family dentist at Colorado Dental Arts a minimum of twice a year. Even if you think you have no cavities or dental problems, budgeting time and money for dental care is extremely wise….

When Should a Child Start Flossing?

“Don’t forget to brush and floss!” This is something we tell our children often, but many with small children and toddlers may ask, “When should my child start flossing?” Here is more information, presented by our family dentist, Dr. Froning. What Age is the Right…

Protect Your Dental Health

Start by Avoiding Bad Dental Habits Colorado Dental Arts would like to share some tips to help our patients keep their teeth and mouth healthy. First, it’s important to see our Littleton dental team a minimum of twice a year for your exam and cleaning….

Healthy Tongue, Healthy Mouth

Our tongue is an incredible organ that often doesn’t get the credit it deserves. We can take for granted that we use it every day to help us speak, taste, eat, chew, and swallow. Keeping your tongue healthy is just as important as keeping your…