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The Best Time To Remove Wisdom Teeth

At Colorado Dental Arts, we frequently answer questions about wisdom tooth removal. For many patients, this is a necessary treatment to prevent dental problems. Specifically, if the wisdom teeth are damaging their nearest neighbors, unlikely to erupt properly, causing tumors or cysts to form, or creating significant crowding in the arch, it is best to remove them promptly.

The reason for acting quickly is that younger patients tend to experience fewer complications from wisdom tooth removal than fully mature adults. Young jaws simply heal more quickly. Early surgery also allows complicated wisdom teeth less time to cause oral damage. X-rays give our Littleton family dentist, Dr. Thomas Froning, an assessment of what the future holds for wisdom teeth and whether they should be removed. Unless you experience unexpected pain and require an emergency appointment, a diagnosis is usually made during semi-annual visits for exams and dental cleaning. At these times, our Littleton dental team takes care to review each patient’s individual needs to provide the best treatment.

If You Keep Your Wisdom Teeth

Some patients have enough room in their mouth for wisdom teeth to come in. If you are fortunate enough to keep your wisdom teeth without complications, extra attention is necessary to prevent cavities and tooth decay. They need to be thoroughly brushed and never ignored during flossing, even though they are at the very back of the jaw. Our dental team pays special attention to these third molars to make certain they don’t start to develop gum pockets or enamel erosion.

When You Remove Wisdom Teeth

When it is necessary to remove wisdom teeth, you may choose any combination of anesthetic, sedatives or oral conscious sedation to make the procedure literally “forgettable.” Our dentist can make certain you don’t feel or remember a thing during this routine oral surgery. Many teenagers and students schedule the procedure over their winter break, so it doesn’t conflict with their school calendar. For working adults, we can schedule wisdom tooth removal to give you a “three-day weekend,” enough time to recuperate before going back to work.

If you have further questions about wisdom teeth extraction, check out our website, ask for an appointment online, or call us to schedule a consultation. Colorado Dental Arts is ready to provide our patients with wisdom tooth removal, right here in Littleton.

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