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Restoration Dentistry

Dental trouble often hits in increments. For teeth, tooth decay is a minor disaster. Usually the commonest of restorations, fillings fix cavities for a very extended time, if not a lifetime. Delay fixing or fail to see a cavity, and you progress up the increments to other levels of oral failures and the restorations that fix them. Our Littleton family dentists are prepared to aid you with all types of restoration, from treating cavities to creating brand new teeth with dental implants. Consider these restoration treatments for your own dental needs:

Dental Fillings

A cavity is made when the enamel is significantly damaged by decay. A filling procedure cleans out the decay and saves the tooth.

Dental Crowns

Crowns or “caps” cover a tooth that is so compromised that a filling, inlay or onlay will not solve the situation. Crowns come in a variety of durable materials.

Dental Implants

Many restorations are made more secure and helpful to your oral health with full-mouth restoration. Implants are the restoration gold standard for a number of distinct reasons. Whenever possible, full-mouth restorations are used by our Littleton dentists to replace severely missing dentition. Read more about why in this section.


These are not your grandmother’s false teeth! Dentures have many more options for today’s patients, including placement with dental implants, so the dentures “snap in” or “snap on.” The options are many, so examine more about dentures at Colorado Dental Arts here.

For more information about how our Littleton family dentists perform each of these treatments, and why they may be required, examine our Littleton dental practice website.

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