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Preventive Dentistry

Preventive DentistryThe greatest accomplishment from serving as a dentist comes from providing preventative oral care — keeping disease away from your clients. Our Littleton dentists take joy in helping you and your loved ones avoid cavities, gum disease and other oral complications. Regular preventative dental care, combined with good oral hygiene programs, helps you use your teeth for life!

Preventative dentistry at the Colorado Dental Arts includes the following therapies:

Dental Exam

A dental exam is more than a fast peek at your teeth and gums. It’s a thorough examination including a search for gum disease, tooth decay and oral cysts, tumors and disease. Our Littleton dentists are often the first medical doctors to recognize and diagnose cases of oral cancer, so a habitual dental exam preserves not only your teeth — it could also save your life!

Dental Cleanings

This semi-annual tradition in dental care is the primary way to remove bacterial invaders in contact with your teeth and gums. The hard tartar left by oral bacteria is similar to the coral reefs constructed in the world’s seas. Very small organisms construct these solid formations as their habitat. In the case of oral bacteria, their habitat is your mouth. Dental cleanings “evict” these microorganisms, securing your gums from recession and teeth from destruction.

Sealants and Fluoride Treatment

However thorough your at home oral hygiene maintenance program is, it will never be enough to fully protect you from all plaque and tartar buildup. This buildup can lead to the demineralization of your tooth enamel. Fluoride treatments and sealants help provide an important barrier against erosion and decay that lead to cavities and other oral health issues.