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Clear Correct

Clear Correct is another option in the field of orthodontic aligners. Clear, convenient and made in the USA, Clear Correct offers many advantages over traditional braces. Our Littleton family dentists can determine in one consultation whether you qualify to use the Clear Correct orthodontic system.

Their Name is Clear

When people select clear aligners, they do so for the invisibility. Unless you’re looking for them, Clear Correct is very hard to see. You can go through your day and most people won’t even realize you are wearing them.

The Aligners are Removable

Clarity is a matter of cosmetics, but removability is a matter of convenience. Unlike braces, you remove Clear Correct aligners to eat and brush your teeth. This lets you enjoy all your favorite foods, including hard, sticky and chewy options. When you finish, you don’t have to worry about removing all the particles stuck between your brackets and wires — you simply brush and floss your teeth, rinse your aligners and put them back in your mouth.

Clear Correct continues to work as long as you wear it for 22 hour a day. You can do a lot in those “two hours off,” and since a good part of your treatment time is spent sleeping, most of our patients readily get used to the process of aligner orthodontics.

Made in Texas

Many people want assurances that their products are made in the United States, supporting the local economy. Clear Correct is manufactured in Texas and delivered to dental offices throughout the US to meet the strong demand for aligner technology. Here at Colorado Dental Arts, we are proud to offer Clear Correct as a “Made in the USA” option.

For more information about Clear Correct and how it can help you improve your bite and appearance, contact Colorado Dental Arts in Littleton by calling 303-872-9436 or use our website to request a consultation.

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