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Cfast Orthodontics

Cfast is a cosmetic treatment system designed for adults that focuses on the six front teeth that play the largest role in your appearance. Because these teeth are the ones first seen when you open your mouth, they make the biggest impression on your smile. Since Cfast works only on this one portion of your mouth, our Littleton dentists can improve your smile and confidence in less than six months with this rapid orthodontic system.

Is Cfast Invisible?

Cfast is designed for discretion. While the materials are similar to those used with standard braces, the brackets are clear and the wires are tooth-colored. The result is a look that seems only a little different from normal. But the truth is that your smile is gradually changing, day-by-day, to the way you’ve always wanted it.

Is Cfast Painful?

Since only six teeth are the focus of adjustment, the rest of the mouth undergoes very little change. As a result, most Cfast users experience far less discomfort than patients wearing standard braces. There are no additional appliances, such as palate expanders, so the side effects are truly minimal – but the change in your smile bring the maximum cosmetic effect.

Can Cfast Help Me?

If you have problems with your bite, then a more comprehensive treatment system like Invisalign is more appropriate. Cfast works best with adults who simply need to make improvements to their front teeth in order to have a “perfect smile.” That’s why it takes less time, costs less money and generates less pain.

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