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Orthodontic Dentistry

Colorado Dental Arts offers both therapeutic and cosmetic orthodontics. Our Littleton dentists thereby serve patients with bite problems caused by misaligned teeth and poorly shaped arches, as well as clients who just want a better smile and the improved appearance and confidence that goes with it. We accomplish these goals by using three different orthodontic providers: Invisalign, Clear Correct and Cfast.

How Do Orthodontics Work?

By applying gentle pressure to specific teeth, our dentists can affect the shape of the arches, the alignment of the teeth and their relationship to one another. Two different methods are used to work orthodontic transformations. Invisalign and Clear Correct use plastic aligners, while Cfast employs clear brackets with tooth-colored wires.

How Invisalign and Clear Correct Work

Clear plastic aligners repair many of the complications faced by our Littleton patients. Therefore, it is our system of choice if you have significant problems with many teeth. They are also available for simpler or strictly cosmetic procedures and are very popular right now for their clarity and comfort, compared to standard braces.

How Cfast Works

Cfast is, as its name suggests, a fast-acting orthodontic procedure designed to solve cosmetic problems affecting the front teeth only. It is therefore less expensive than a more comprehensive aligner treatment. While it uses braces to improve your smile, they are very hard to see since the components are either clear or the same color as your tooth enamel.

To find out if Invisalign, Clear Correct or Cfast can help you with your specific orthodontic problem, visit the doctors at Colorado Dental Arts for a consultation and more information. You may also read more about all of these procedures here on our website.

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