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Repairing Gum Recession with Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

Pinhole Surgical Technique Offers Easier Treatment

Gum recession is a common side effect of gum disease, poor brushing and flossing habits, clenching or grinding your teeth, changes in hormones and simply due to age. You may even fall victim to it despite having a great oral hygiene routine because you are genetically predisposed to gum recession.

By exposing the relatively soft, unprotected roots of the tooth, recession leaves the teeth open to extensive decay and generally leads to tooth loss. In the past, oral surgery corrected recession by grafting tissue from the roof of the mouth underneath the recessed gums. Grafting involves cutting, implantation, sutures and an extended healing period. The pinhole surgical technique (or PST) for repairing gum recession simplifies this process considerably and is now offered by the family dentist, Dr. Froning, at Colorado Dental Arts in Littleton.

How Does Pinhole Surgery Work?

Pinhole surgery does not use grafts, so no cutting or sutures are involved. Instead, pinhole technique relies on the natural elasticity of gum tissue to stretch the gums back to their original position. First, the dentist makes a very small hole above the gums to be adjusted. Then, using a probe, the gums are released from the underlying bone and simply pulled back into place.

Since elastic tends to snap back into its original position, collagen fibers are inserted through the pinhole into the gums to hold them in their restored position. Since sutures are not involved, the gums tend to heal from PST very quickly – sometimes even overnight! Instead of waiting weeks for a cure, PST fixes gum recession in only a few days.

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If you suffer from gum recession and want to prevent tooth decay and loss, request a consultation with our dental team. Pinhole surgical technique is the easy, yet effective method for treating gum recession. For more information, contact us online or by calling to make an appointment at 303-872-9436.

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