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Protect Yourself Against Swimmer’s Calculus

Littleton summers mean pool days in the sun. Dental health isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when getting ready to take a dip, but a sunburn may not be the only thing you’re getting this summer if you don’t take care to protect your teeth.

What is Swimmer’s Calculus?

If you spend a lot of time in the pool this summer, your teeth may become stained from chlorine exposure. This is called “swimmer’s calculus.” Chlorine discolors teeth, turning them a dull yellow or brown. This problem is usually limited to those who spend six or more hours in the pool every week, so most of us don’t need to worry about this. But if you or your children swim a lot in a chlorinated pool, be sure to let our Littleton family dentist know.

Removing the surface stains from chlorine is possible with in-office procedures from Colorado Dental Arts and can be done during your routine exam and cleaning appointment.

Protecting Your Teeth This Summer

Our Littleton family dentist has a few tips to prevent swimmer’s calculus and protect your teeth from injury this summer:

  • Check the chlorine levels regularly if you have a backyard pool. Overly chlorinated water may damage teeth, damage the enamel and cause tooth sensitivity over long periods of exposure. Inexpensive test strips available at a pool supply store can also let you check what the chlorine levels are at any pool your family uses regularly.
  • Shower after swimming to remove any residual chlorine being sure to rinse out your mouth too.
  • Prevent mouth injuries in the pool by using a mouthguard especially if you play water sports such as  polo or volleyball. Custom mouthguards provide expert protection against injuries that would otherwise be a dental emergency.
  • Dental appliances, such as retainers, are sometimes lost during swim sessions. Remove retainers before swimming to prevent loss and damage from chlorinated water and wear a mouthguard instead.

Enjoy your summer at the pool and take care of your mouth and teeth, whether you are in the water or high up in the cool air of the Rocky Mountains!

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