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Protect Your Mouth, Protect Your Heart

Recent cardiovascular research has demonstrated a connection between heart disease and patients with gum disease. Untreated gum disease is an infection. It inflames both the gums and the blood vessels. This increases the risk of stroke and heart-related problems. By practicing good oral hygiene, your mouth and your heart have a better chance of staying disease free! Colorado Dental Arts would therefore like to share three simple ways to protect your heart by having a healthier mouth.

Protect Your Heart With Dental Care

Daily brushing and flossing is vital for your arteries to stay protected from the bacteria found in advanced gum disease. At the early stages, gum disease is not obvious. This can lead people to become lazy about brushing and flossing. Even when the gums start to bleed while flossing, some people conclude that this is normal. Yet consider – if your skin started bleeding when you lightly scratch an itch, would you consider that normal? Indeed, it’s not! Healthy gums do not bleed during gentle brushing and flossing. Nor are they red, swollen or loose around the teeth. Healthy gums are pink, firm and tight around the roots and lower tooth enamel. Daily brushing and flossing is what keeps them that way.

Visit Colorado Dental Arts

Don’t skip your dental exams and oral hygiene appointments with our Littleton family dentist, even if your mouth is pain free. Waiting for pain means waiting until tooth decay is already complete! Our dental professionals are trained to spot potential problems early to prevent small issues from becoming big problems. At your next dental visit, be sure to let us know if you are experiencing any unusual sensitivity, tooth pain or other symptoms.

Quit Smoking

Smoking irritates tissues, both in the mouth and the rest of the body. It accelerates oral decay, delays healing and also weakens arteries. Thus, a person who gives up cigarettes decreases their risk of heart disease and stroke, lowers their chance of getting oral cancer and minimizes the likelihood of tooth loss. Improve your dental health and overall well-being by taking steps to quit now. Colorado Dental Arts knows this is easier said than done, so we are available to assist patients with smoking cessation.

Daily dental care is a healthy habit that decreases the risk of heart related disease and improves your quality of life! Give Colorado Dental Arts a call today to schedule an appointment and take control of your dental health.

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