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Fight Tooth Stains

A bright white smile signifies oral health and beauty for most people. But it’s hard to keep a smile white with a daily coffee habit, regular glass of red wine, or a lifetime pattern of smoking. These are just a few things that contribute to yellowing our smile. So what can be done about smiles that have lost their luster? Here are a few tips to keep your smile white and bright at home and with help from our Littleton family dentist at Colorado Dental Arts!

First, the Foods

Colas, coffee and wine are acidic beverages that age your smile by staining your teeth. To combat this effect, use a straw whenever plausible while drinking acidic or dark colored beverages. Rinse your mouth with water immediately after consuming staining drinks or foods. Thirty minutes after swishing with water, brush and floss to protect your teeth from stains.

The Role of Chewing Gum

Chewing sugarless gum not only increases saliva to remineralize teeth, it also neutralizes acids in your mouth, limiting damage to the enamel. Gum containing xylitol also has another benefit. Studies show that xylitol starves oral bacteria that mistake it for sugar. This limits their growth and damage to your teeth.

Eat a Variety

Eat a balanced diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Berries and citrus are delicious and healthy, but their high acid content and many pigments lead to tooth stains. The same is true of most darkly colored foods, like red sauces. Eating these foods with other items, instead of alone, reduces this effect.

Fight Aging with Professional Help

Enamel loss darkens our teeth as we age. Professional tooth whitening procedures from Colorado Dental Arts make your smile look younger in just one visit! You can save time and hassle with an in-office tooth whitening visit. Plus, our professional whitening procedure not only whitens your tooth enamel, but helps preserve it too.

Good eating habits, a daily dental care routine at home, and quality care at Colorado Dental Arts provides the best dental health possible. With this combination, your teeth will feel good and look good too! Call us today to make an appointment for a bright and healthy smile!

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