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Colorado Dental Arts Spreads The Word

A Healthy Mouth, a Healthy Body

The Colorado Dental Association, in cooperation with Delta Dental of Colorado, has announced a new “Word of Mouth” campaign to highlight the importance of oral hygiene and its effect on the overall health of patients. The point of the message is this: the health of your mouth is an important factor and indicator for the health of your body. To support the wellness of our patients, Colorado Dental Arts in Littleton is happy to help spread the word!

Reduce the Likelihood of Disease

Basically, the better you care for your mouth, the better your chances of avoiding disease. For example, according to Delta Dental of Colorado, “more than 90% of systemic disease is linked to oral health…and patients with even mild periodontal disease were twice as likely to have strokes compared to those with healthy mouths.” What does this mean for our Littleton dental patients? A good oral care routine begins at home. Brush at least twice a day for two minutes each time. Floss every day and be sure to reach the back molars. If you have children, introduce oral care as soon as they have teeth. This establishes good hygiene habits early in life. It also means bringing in small patients for a dental visit once those first teeth come in. When children visit the dentist at a young age, they are more likely to keep up with visits to the dentist throughout their life.

The Financial Aspect

Taking care of your oral health not only benefits your body, but also your wallet. Thousands of dollars are saved over the course of a lifetime by keeping your preventative dental care up to date. For most of us, this means visiting the dental clinic twice a year for an exam and cleaning to prevent small problems from turning into big ones. Our caring dental team knows first-hand how important this is, because the mouth is like an early warning system for over 120 diseases and conditions. Catching a problem early, such as symptoms of oral cancer, increases the likelihood of successful treatment and complete recovery.

To protect your health, if you have not visited a dentist in a long time, come see us as soon as possible. There’s no need to feel self-conscious about the condition of your teeth; our job is simply to take care of them! Colorado Dental Arts handles everything from routine exams to restorative dental treatments and cosmetic smile makeovers. Contact us today for an appointment or consultation!

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