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Amazing Results With Six Month Smiles

Do you want to improve your smile, but don’t want to commit to two years of wearing braces? Colorado Dental Arts has the answer! Our Littleton family dentist recommends Six Month Smiles.

What is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic solution for correcting crooked front teeth at about half of the cost of traditional braces and with faster results. Another bonus with Six Month Smiles is that it’s nearly invisible. While these orthodontics cannot be removed like plastic aligners, patients do have the choice between clear or tooth-colored braces to fix gaps and imperfections in their front teeth.

Why Only Six Months?

So why do our dentists recommend Six Month Smiles? Six Month Smiles is for clients wanting to improve their appearance, but without a need or desire for full orthodontic correction. It is primarily a cosmetic procedure, not a method of correcting severe malocclusions. Since the focus of treatment with Six Month Smiles is about perfecting your smile, not your bite, treatment times and costs are significantly reduced.

Can I Use Six Month Smiles?

Contact our Littleton dental team for a complimentary consultation regarding Six Month Smiles! We’d love to discuss your treatment goals and how to improve your smile. Six Month Smiles is a relatively fast solution for building a perfect smile without taking a bite out of your wallet!

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